Web Design and Development by Ryan Costello

I am a front end web designer specializing in bulletproof, hand crafted XHTML and CSS. I also employ some jQuery to make a website successful. I am also a photographer and fine artist. As a web designer and developer I work to stay on the forefront of semantic structure and rich design. If you are currently seeking a hardworking individual with a strong creative eye and a passion for the craft please feel free to contact me.

My most distinguishing characteristic is my artistic sensibility. For whatever reason, I have always excelled at tasks that require a strong creative eye. For many creatives, it is difficult to achieve the same level of success technically that they have achieved within their artistic endeavors. This is where I come in. The ability to bridge the gap between the creative and tech head is an ability all in itself.

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My creative sensibility has been with me as long as I can remember. It wasn 't until I chose to pursue an art degree that those sensibilities and talents were nurtured and developed into a concrete skill set which transfers to any project or task. In addition, I learned that to push my creativity to it's full potential, I would need to know my craft inside and out. This has held true in every creative endeavor I have undertaken.

Web Design
In order to remain current and competitive in today's market, it is imperative that a designer possess strong web skills. This is a difficulty for many creative people, as developing web skills requires employing a right brained way of thinking. I have excelled at applying my creative abilities to web technologies such as XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. What fascinates me about these technologies is that they are constantly evolving. Remaining competitive requires tenacity, but above all, it requires passion for the craft. I'm drawn to web design for the same reason I was drawn to cast bronze sculpture: they both require strong creative and technical proficiency in order to maintain high standards and achieve success.
Graphic Design
It was my experience with photography that lead me to pursue work as a graphic designer. Having an expertise with Adobe software and the creative abilities of an established artist, I made a quick transition to creating professional quality design work. I am also knowledgeable about an often underrated skill: typography. Strong typography skills are key in creating strong designs. Working as a designer has pushed me to think outside the boundaries of ordinary thought in order to formulate new ideas. My clients have ranged from startup companies to renowned Iron Chef winner Kevin Rathbun.
I have been experimenting with digital photography for close to ten years now. I went digital following the completion of my art degree, when I no longer had regular access to the extensive facilities that the university had to offer. In transitioning to digital, I became highly proficient with image editing software and began exploring composited photography. Influenced by artists such as Jerry Uelsmann , my work is concerned with blending and compositing imagery to create unique compositions which explore aesthetic beauty and form. I have shown my work at numerous juried fine art exhibitions as well as in galleries. I have also been honored as a featured artist in Sunshine Artist magazine.




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